Building & Energy Audits

Energy Audits

We offer a comprehensive building and energy audit service.

If you are considering upgrades to your building, heat pump or air conditioning installation, heating control, lighting upgrades or  insulation upgrades consider having a building and energy audit done first.

The reason is to identify areas where your heat and energy is going and look at low cost ways to reduce your energy use.

Using thermal imaging, heat load/loss calculations and air tightness testing, a comprehensive picture will emerge of where your energy is going and the associated cost to benefit of making improvements.

There is no point spending €5000.00 to save €100 per year in one area, where a €600.00 spend may save €150.00 per year.

We can provide a comprehensive report detailing what areas it is smarter to address first at the lowest cost along with estimates of what improvements will cost and the expected payback.