Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing by Fidgeon HVAC Services

Air tightness testing is generally done as part of our energy audits where we look at the entire building for sources of energy usage and heat loss/gain.

Together with thermal imaging and heat loss/gain calculations combined with an inspection of the building components and fabric, a comprehensive picture will emerge of where you can save energy

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Air tightness testing is a way to measure the amount of air required to maintain a set pressure in a building under test conditions.  This gives a reading of how much air leaks in/out of a building and allows the area of leakage to be identified.

Air tightness testing is a good way to identify where warm air in escaping or cold air is infiltrating your building. 

Once you set up an appointment, we will look for plans of your building to do some preliminary calculations on the building volume and surface area.   On the day of the testing a technician will set up the test equipment and perform the test.

We perform building energy surveys that combine air tightness testing,  thermal imaging, examines the buildings insulation, building components, heating system and controls and various other items and then make recommendations on the best options to reduce your energy consumption and raise your comfort level.